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High School Football

Several States have opted to postpone and/or cancel their high school football seasons. This has been a significant disappointment to students, coaches, and families all over the country.

Riots & Unrest

Recent unrest and violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon and other cities has brought civil unrest and support of the police to the forefront of issues in the upcoming national election.


Interview Desk helps citizens get news important to them published in over 1000 community news sites across America.

Community newspapers helped build America by giving citizens a voice, celebrating local heroes, and holding government accountable. Together, we can:

  • Rebuild community-based news as the backbone of representative democracy.

  • Make facts and data the center of every story.

  • Give citizens a voice on equal footing with government, corporations, and other powerful interests.

The Interview Desk Program gives you a voice.

Here’s how it works:

1. You are the source.

Know of a issue that needs attention?

Did you attend a local meeting, do you have data on government spending, have an opinon on something happening in your community, or other issues?

2. Tell your story.

Use the Interview Desk Booking Form to tell your story.

Just click "Speak Up" on this page.

Provide your contact information and what topic you want to talk about.

3. Get interviewed.

Your story will be assigned to a journalist and a report will be published on your community’s online news site.

We will inform you when the story is published and provide you with a link that you can share with others.

Who writes the stories?

Hundreds of free-lance reporters around the country who adhere to strict journalistic standards—no political bias, and a commitment to facts over opinion.

Who's behind Interview Desk?

Interview Desk is provided by the Metric Media Foundation to help restore local news in communities across America.

Let your voice be heard.